settembre 22, 2011

Fresh homemade tomato sauce: it’s worth doing it!

Do you know how to make a fresh delicious homemade tomato sauce? Have you ever tried? The making of tomato sauce or tomato passata (in Italian salsa di pomodoro) […]
agosto 16, 2011

“Anelletti al forno”: our scrumptious baked Sicilian pasta

Do you know what “anelletti al forno” are? Here in Sicily we have a typical shape of pasta that is called “Sicilian anelletti” which means little […]
agosto 11, 2011

Have a rest with a “Sicilian granita”

    Hi everyone, do you know what the “granita di pistacchi” is? Granita is something very typical from Sicily and is basically what you probably […]
luglio 30, 2011

Gelo di mellone: our summer watermelon pudding

Do you know what the “gelo di mellone” is? It’s the name of a very traditional summer pudding that is made ONLY in Palermo and its province. […]
luglio 16, 2011

Let’s talk about “CAPONATA!”

Do you know what “caponata” is? With this word we generally refer to the caponata made of eggplants (or aubergines) but it’s actually a generic word […]
giugno 28, 2011

Sicilian cheese: la “Vastedda del Belice”

Do you know what is the so-called “vastedda del Belice”? It’s a local exquisite cheese coming from the area of Belice, in the province of Agrigento. […]
giugno 26, 2011

From the Sicilian food “Pasta alla Norma” to “La Norma” opera

I couldn’t tell you about Pasta alla Norma without posting Casta Diva, the most famous aria of Vincenzo Bellini’s masterpiece, La Norma, here sung by Maria Callas.I […]
giugno 25, 2011

“Pasta alla Norma”, what’s the story of this incredible dish?

Do you know how to make pasta alla Norma? And what is the story of this Sicilian dish? The pasta alla Norma is originally from Catania, […]
giugno 17, 2011

Mint-flavored potato salads, a delicious summer side dish

Do you know how to prepare a lovely fresh side dish with mint-flavored potatoes that taste like Summer? Easy. Just keep on reading 🙂   The […]
maggio 30, 2011

Sicilian Wine Pairings with Sicilian Cuisine, 2nd part

  As I promised some days ago here it is the second part of the pairing between Sicilian wines and Sicilian recipes. The article is written […]
maggio 28, 2011

“Cassata al forno”, the most tempting Sicilian baked pie

Do you know what the “Cassata al forno” is? The Cassata is a lovely baked pie filled with a delicious cream made of ricotta cheese and chocolate […]
maggio 24, 2011

Sicilian Wine Pairings with Sicilian Cuisine, 1st part

Hi everyone, do you know what kind of Sicilian wine would match some of the recipes of the Sicilian Cuisine? Keep reading and you will find […]