agosto 3, 2012

Olimpic Games 2012 & Sicilian food, all in the heart of London

  For those who are in London on the occasion of the Olimpic Games 2012: athletes, visitors or just normal citizens of this amazing city, there […]
agosto 1, 2012

The basics of Sicilian Cuisine: the “Soffritto”

Do you know what does “soffritto” mean? This word is one of the most common in cooking Sicilian or Italian style. It actually is both a […]
luglio 15, 2012

Sicilian folklore: “Il festino di Santa Rusulia”

Do you know what “festino” (or fistinu) means? Fistinu is the Sicilian word to indicate the Festino of Santa Rosalia, a huge festivity dedicated to the […]
luglio 12, 2012

“Tonnare indietro nel tempo”, the new book of Gaetano Basile

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the beautiful “Kursaal Tonnara“ (pic above). Tonnara is the Italian name for a specific place and comes from the […]
luglio 1, 2012

A white focaccia with onions: can I please have some more?

Do you know how to prepare a lovely rustic white focaccia with white onions and caciocavallo cheese? (We call it white because there is no tomato […]
giugno 24, 2012

Azzurri time, let’s have something TRICOLORE!

Three wonderful drinks with the colours of our flag, hoping that they will bring luck to our football/soccer team tonight. Thanks to tradizionisicilia for the lovely […]
giugno 10, 2012

“Caldofreddo”: a MUST when you go to Trapani or nearby

Do you know what “caldofreddo” is? Caldofreddo is a very particular ice cream prepared in the western part of Sicily. Literally in Italian these are two separate […]
maggio 28, 2012

‘Pasta con l’anciova’, breadcrumb is the secret!

Do you know how to make one of the most renowned Sicilian pasta dish? It’s what we call “pasta cu l’anciova” which literally means pasta with […]
aprile 29, 2012

Sicilian mandarine and orange jelly: light and refreshing!

Do you know how to make a lovely parfumed Sicilian mandarine and orange jelly? This is the easiest thing in the world, it’s delicious and perfect […]
marzo 24, 2012

A delicious spring pasta: Bronte’s pistachio’s pesto & speck

Do you know what the pesto of pistachio is? It is a sauce made of grounded pistachio from Bronte, a town near Catania, and it is […]
marzo 10, 2012

Local Expert Award ? The Sicilian Cuisine Blog is in!!!

This short post is to thank the website Charming Sicily to have awarded me with the title of ‘Sicilian Local Expert’. It’s always nice when somebody […]
marzo 2, 2012

Exquisite fava beans mash: the Sicilian “maccu”

Do you know what is the so-called “MACCO DI FAVE”? In Sicilian the word macco becomes maccu and is used to name an exquisite dish we […]