gennaio 8, 2011

Spaghetti with dried tuna roe, the famous “Bottarga di tonno”

Do you know what the famous “Bottarga” is? And how do you cook it with pasta? “Bottarga di tonno” is basically the roe of the tuna, […]
gennaio 8, 2011

Sardines meatballs in tomato sauce, what a dish!

Do you know how to cook fish meatballs? It is a delicious specialty all Sicilian called “Polpette di Sarde”. This recipe is something I love to eat during […]
gennaio 6, 2011

The Festivity of the Epiphany: the Wisemen, the sweets and the “Befana”

Hello everybody, I have been thinking a great deal about an ipothetical blog about Sicilian Food and I finally decided to give it a try!   […]