aprile 27, 2014

Food, nature or culture… the perfect holiday is in Sicily!

Are you planning your holiday but still haven’t decided where to go? Let me guess… your wife wants to relax somewhere warm, enjoy the sun and […]
aprile 11, 2014

Stuffed baked tomatoes in Mediterranean style

Have you ever tried some delicious stuffed tomatoes made in Mediterreanean style? They are not only exquisite but also very easy to prepare. You only need […]
marzo 30, 2014

Sicilian Cuisine: a passion is always recognised sooner or later

Can you imagine what an amazing week I’ve just had… blog-wise? I received an invitation to a television programme, a business offer and a reward email […]
marzo 25, 2014

In memory of Mamma Carmela!

Dear Readers,   yesterday I received the unexpected and sad news of the wonderful Mamma Carmela’s passing away. She was an icon in Palermo, as she […]
marzo 3, 2014

Fiasconaro & the Easter photo contest

Fiasconaro store in Castelbuono, Sicily On the occasion of the coming Easter (April the 20th) the very renowned Fiasconaro brand has launched “Pasqua con Fiasconaro” (transl. […]
febbraio 10, 2014

Sicilian primosale & pecorino cheese: something to be proud of!

  Primosale from Sicilformaggi, Santa Ninfa Do you know what is ‘tuma or primosale’? With these words we indicate the first two aging phases of one […]
gennaio 25, 2014

Sicilian oranges and almonds combined in a super-light cake

Do you know how to make an exquisite light and orange flavored cake?  Do you ever wonder what to prepare to your kids as afternoon snack […]
dicembre 14, 2013

Santa Lucia’s Sicilian tradition in London? Yes we can!!!

The traditional cuccìa, Palermo typical dessert on December 13th. I am very happy to share with you the success of my first Sicilian dinner in London […]
novembre 24, 2013

Sicilian food: for some people is “bizarre”

Yesterday I came across this amazing video about Sicilian cuisine. Protagonist is Andrew Zimmern, an American chef visiting Sicily and looking for “Bizarre food”, which is […]
novembre 20, 2013

All you need to know about garlic healthy properties

Some people love it, some other hate it, probably for that terrible breath that leaves on everybody’s mouth when we eat it. I am talking about […]
novembre 14, 2013

A creative Sicilian delivers the entire ‘pizzeria’ at your home!

Yesterday I read a very funny (not to mention amazing) story on a website called Palermoviva. A creative Sicilian pizzaiolo living in the province of Palermo […]
novembre 1, 2013

Colorful Sicilian Marzipan Fruits: history and origin

The so called “frutta di Martorana” (Martorana’s fruits), also known as “pasta reale” (royal pastry) or “marzapane” (marzipan), are typical Sicilian almond sweets that we prepare […]