ottobre 1, 2013

Sicilian experts: Chef Giuseppe Di Cristina

 We always talk about Sicilian food and recipes but today I am particularly glad to post this interview to a young Sicilian Chef who, because of […]
settembre 8, 2013

Breaded eggplants or as we call them: “melanzane a cotoletta!”

 Do you know how to prepare some amazing breaded aubergines or eggplants? This is a Sicilian recipe that we called “melanzane a cotoletta“. Melanzane means aubergine/eggplant, […]
settembre 1, 2013

The basics of Sicilian Cuisine: the “cotoletta” preparation!

 Hi dear food lovers and blog readers, last week I asked on my facebook page the best way to translate our word “cotoletta” and I […]
agosto 15, 2013

A refreshing Mediterranean iced tea with an exotic twist!

 Have you ever prepared an iced tea that is refreshing and tasty and has an exotic twist as well? That is very easy to do. You […]
agosto 10, 2013

“Do you want pane e panelle?” My first interview to an Italian newspaper

Dear readers and food lovers,  as I had happily announced few days ago on my Official Facebook page, this summer I had the honour of being […]
agosto 2, 2013

Sicilian wines: from the pleasure to the healthy properties

What do you know about Sicilian wine? Would you like to discover more? Eve Pierce has written a brilliant new piece for the Sicilian Cuisine Blog […]
luglio 16, 2013

Colors and flavors, it’s the cous cous contamination!

How do you like some contaminations of cultures, colors and flavors? In the Sicilian cuisine this is possible thanks to a unique dish that is called […]
luglio 2, 2013

Food Talk: my Interview for Italian Reflections

Traditional Canapè – Photo Source: 1. Can you remember the first dish you learned how to cook? I remember I started to cook on my […]
luglio 1, 2013

The Sicilian Cuisine Blog and my first official interview for ‘Italian reflections’

Very proud and very grateful to Adrian Petersen for publishing the very first interview since my blog, Sicilian Cuisine, was born on January 2011. When I […]
giugno 20, 2013

FashionCooking, the new blog about food and trends

FashionCooking is a new blog on the web! Why am I talking about it in my own blog? Because I find it original and unique. Infact […]
giugno 13, 2013

‘a Nivarata, the new Festival of Sicilian granita

Are you crazy about Sicilian granita? Are you any close to the town of Acireale in the province of Catania?  Well… if the answer to those […]
giugno 4, 2013

Bruce Springsteen, Nicola Fiasconaro and a Fender

The one and only “Boss” of rock music, Bruce Springsteen, who is now in Italy for its live tour, yesterday met the famous Sicilian Maestro Pasticcere […]