"By the power vested in me I now pronounce the creator of The Sicilian Cuisine Blog as Trinacria worldwide Ambassador!" With this official formula, I have recently proclaimed myself an Ambassador of Sicilian Cuisine and Sicily (island also known with the ancient name of Trinacria) in the whole world. The ceremony was simple and particularly modest.

My blood is 80% Sicilian and 20% rest of the world (which is Bologna, Emilia-Romagna... north of Italy).

Do you know what that means? It means that there are ZERO chance I am gonna be slim in this life! Because food in Italy is good everywhere, but in Sicily and Emilia-Romagna is simply over the top. Having accepted the fact that I will never have the body of a top-model, let's go back to the Ambassador thing, which is ...kind of important to me.
I want to be an Ambassador of the good Sicily: the part that everyone falls in love with, the part that enchants thousands of tourists every year for its amazing natural spots, fabulous weather, superb cuisine and gorgeous and centuries-old monuments. In a word the one that is: UNFORGETTABLE!
To help me confirm this statement I disturbed the French writer Guy de Maupassant who came to Sicily in 1885 and said: «In spring oranges and beds of flowers parfume the whole island, but what makes Sicily a land that needs to be seen is the fact that, from one corner to another, it can be defined as a strange and divine museum of architecture.»
Food & Wine of Sicily represent our territory, identity, culture, history, poetry and tradition and I have decided to become an Ambassador of all that, in case you still didn't get it.
"I don't know everything about Sicilian art, history or food, but it is such an incredible honour for me receiving this investiture and it will be a great incentive in studying more and more about my own incredible culture."

That was my short but touching acceptance speech! (Try to hold back your tears.)


The Sicilian Cuisine blog was an enlightened idea that was born on January 6th 2011 (Epiphany day) with the intention to be an open window to the world, about Sicily and Sicilian food and tradition. It combines three passions of mine: writing, for the web, in English language about Food. Hang on... it looks like they are four!
You should know that in many countries of the world, people go to a pub or a bar to drink, see friends or socialise with other human beings.
In Sicily this is just unacceptable if you don't chew some kind of food. It can be anything... a piece of rotisserie, some street food, a sfince, a pizza, an entire meal in a restaurant or the simple calia & semenza, ...it doesn't really matter.

This is the SICILIAN WAY!!!

Here you'll find news and stories of dishes, family and traditional recipes, but also information about Sicilian products and ingredients, food events, videos, considerations and comments on what we eat and sometimes... just fun.
So... make yourself at home and if you feel like getting in touch for a chat or just saying hello, drop me a line at: siciliancuisine[at]gmail[dot]com
Ah... by the way, my name is Giorgia with an I. Nice to meet you!