febbraio 3, 2013

“Panelle & Kitchen qb”: Sicilian street food introduced by our first guest of the year

P like PALERMO, P like PANELLE.  The two words are forever bond, because the ‘pane e panelle‘ (the panelle sandwich) is together with the other famous […]
gennaio 24, 2013

“Top Italian food blogs for 2013”: we are in!

The pic above is taken from Casa del viaggiatore (the Saline at sunset)   I hope 2013 keeps going well, just as it started. Infact I […]
gennaio 5, 2013

A traditional roast with a Mediterranean touch

Do you want to add a Sicilian touch to your traditional roast? Why not? Either you are having turkey, beef or pork for your Sunday dinner, […]
dicembre 24, 2012

Food is all about sharing… especially at Christmas!

 Merry Christmas dear readers! My best wishes to you on this special occasion of the year.    I believe sharing begins at home and I believe […]
dicembre 14, 2012

Pears cooked in ‘Nero d’Avola’ served with whipped cream

Do you know how to cook pears in Sicilian red wine and serve them with soft delicious whipped cream? Ok… I will tell you! As Christmas […]
novembre 30, 2012

We are totally green friendly!!!

Hi there, just a quick post to inform you that the Sicilian Cuisine Blog is totally green friendly… and eco-friendly… just in case you were wondering. […]
novembre 11, 2012

Saint Martin’s day, his cookies and the Moscato wine!

Have you ever heard about the  S. Martin festivity? Well, November the 11th is the day of Saint Martin and in Sicily is usually accompanied by […]
ottobre 20, 2012

Sicilian excellence: the unique yet historic chocolate of Modica

Have you ever heard about the famous chocolate made in Modica? Modica is a lovely baroque-style town in the south of Sicily, precisely in the province […]
ottobre 2, 2012

Reviews: “Al Fogher”, a fine lunch (or dinner) in the heart of Sicily

Some weeks ago I had lunch in a gorgeous restaurant near the small town of Piazza Armerina (in the province of Enna), a place in the […]
settembre 22, 2012

Esperti Siciliani: Intervista con lo Chef Giuseppe Di Cristina

Read the English version here Felicissima di poter pubblicare un’intervista ad un giovane Chef siciliano. Comincerei con una breve biografia per i lettori del blog: Chi […]
settembre 20, 2012

“Cous cous Festival”, where food and cultures meet

  Do you know what is the “Cous cous Festival”? And when & where is it held? Starting from the 25th until the 30th of September […]
settembre 2, 2012

Light summer minestra: “Pasta with tenerumi”

Do you know what “tenerumi” are? And how do we cook them with pasta? Tenerumi which basically means ‘tender’ are the big leaves of the long […]