novembre 11, 2012

Saint Martin’s day, his cookies and the Moscato wine!

Have you ever heard about the  S. Martin festivity? Well, November the 11th is the day of Saint Martin and in Sicily is usually accompanied by […]
ottobre 20, 2012

Sicilian excellence: the unique yet historic chocolate of Modica

Have you ever heard about the famous chocolate made in Modica? Modica is a lovely baroque-style town in the south of Sicily, precisely in the province […]
ottobre 2, 2012

Reviews: “Al Fogher”, a fine lunch (or dinner) in the heart of Sicily

Some weeks ago I had lunch in a gorgeous restaurant near the small town of Piazza Armerina (in the province of Enna), a place in the […]
settembre 22, 2012

Esperti Siciliani: Intervista con lo Chef Giuseppe Di Cristina

Read the English version here Felicissima di poter pubblicare un’intervista ad un giovane Chef siciliano. Comincerei con una breve biografia per i lettori del blog: Chi […]
settembre 20, 2012

“Cous cous Festival”, where food and cultures meet

  Do you know what is the “Cous cous Festival”? And when & where is it held? Starting from the 25th until the 30th of September […]
settembre 2, 2012

Light summer minestra: “Pasta with tenerumi”

Do you know what “tenerumi” are? And how do we cook them with pasta? Tenerumi which basically means ‘tender’ are the big leaves of the long […]
agosto 3, 2012

Olimpic Games 2012 & Sicilian food, all in the heart of London

  For those who are in London on the occasion of the Olimpic Games 2012: athletes, visitors or just normal citizens of this amazing city, there […]
agosto 1, 2012

The basics of Sicilian Cuisine: the “Soffritto”

Do you know what does “soffritto” mean? This word is one of the most common in cooking Sicilian or Italian style. It actually is both a […]
luglio 15, 2012

Sicilian folklore: “Il festino di Santa Rusulia”

Do you know what “festino” (or fistinu) means? Fistinu is the Sicilian word to indicate the Festino of Santa Rosalia, a huge festivity dedicated to the […]
luglio 12, 2012

“Tonnare indietro nel tempo”, the new book of Gaetano Basile

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon in the beautiful “Kursaal Tonnara“ (pic above). Tonnara is the Italian name for a specific place and comes from the […]
luglio 1, 2012

A white focaccia with onions: can I please have some more?

Do you know how to prepare a lovely rustic white focaccia with white onions and caciocavallo cheese? (We call it white because there is no tomato […]
giugno 24, 2012

Azzurri time, let’s have something TRICOLORE!

Three wonderful drinks with the colours of our flag, hoping that they will bring luck to our football/soccer team tonight. Thanks to tradizionisicilia for the lovely […]