febbraio 21, 2012

The period of Carnival: costumes and sweets galore!

Do you know what the Italian Carnival is? The Carnival in Italy is the period of festivity dedicated to the children and it always comes before […]
febbraio 20, 2012

The stuffed rustic bread in Sicily is called “pane cunzato”

Do you know what “pane cunzato” is? And how can we make it? Pane cunzato in Sicilian dialect means literally stuffed bread. When we talk about this preparation which […]
febbraio 6, 2012

Reviews: “Four Seasons”, the brand new restaurant in Lascari

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in Lascari, a small village near the more famous Cefalù, where there is a new born restaurant called “Four Seasons” […]
gennaio 28, 2012

CheeseArt in Ragusa, for those who love cheese!

Do you know what “CheeseArt” is? CheeseArt is a great event located in Ragusa and organised by the Association Corfilac. It will celebrate the opening of two […]
gennaio 6, 2012

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!!

Here we go! A year has passed since I started this online experience that has given me a lot of satisfacions. Thanks for the many mails, […]
dicembre 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from the Sicilian Cuisine Blog

It’s almost midnight and Baby Jesus is about to come to this world once again. I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy […]
dicembre 20, 2011

Delicious fried cardoons, aka “cardi in pastella”

Do you know what cardoons are? And how we eat them? Here we have some vegetables that are not easy to find in other part of […]
dicembre 13, 2011

Santa Lucia & the tradition: let’s find out what, when & why

Do you know why here in Sicily on December the 13th, which is the day of the Sicilian Virgin and Saint Lucy, we eat some stuff […]
novembre 15, 2011

Oregano and lemon zest, two things I cannot live without!

Give me some pizza and I will put a ton of oregano on it. Ask me to make a sweet pie with ricotta cheese (our traditional cassata) and […]
novembre 1, 2011

Sicilian November tradition: “frutta di Martorana & pupi di zucchero”

  In Sicily and in particular in Palermo there are two important festivities that come on the beginning of November. On the very 1st of the […]
ottobre 20, 2011

Filled bell peppers: gorgeous Mediterranean taste

Do you know how to make some bell peppers filled with cheese and olives? This is a typical Sicilian side-dish and it has definetely got a […]
settembre 30, 2011

Pasta with squash, our summer & fall “minestra”

Do you know how to cook “pasta con la zucchina a minestra“? I already told you about pasta a minestra in general, now we are preparing […]