aprile 11, 2011

“Pasta a minestra” and “Pasta asciutta”: what are they?

Do you know what is pasta a minestra? And what about pasta asciutta? As you know, in Sicily, just like in the whole of Italy, we […]
aprile 8, 2011

Cauliflower pie, another way to eat cauliflower!

Do you know how to cook a tasty cauliflower pie? In Sicilian cuisine we use a lot this vegetable. We like to put it especially on […]
aprile 2, 2011

Turkey breast in Sicilian oranges sauce, a taste of mildness

Do you know how to cook turkey breast in a lovely and delicious orange sauce? I don’t think this recipe has its origins in Sicily actually, […]
marzo 28, 2011

Genovesi from Erice, perfect marriage between pastry and cream

The typical Genovese from Erice made by famous Maria Grammatico Patisserie Do you know what a genovese is in Sicily? It is a pastry filled either […]
marzo 23, 2011

And the award goes to…

Yesterday morning I woke up and found a nice comment on my post. This normally makes me happy, but when I followed the link I was […]
marzo 19, 2011

Saint Joseph’s Day and the traditional “Sfinci” – The video

Do you know what Sicilians eat on Saint Joseph’s Day, the 19th of March? The traditional dessert that we prepare is called “Sfinci di San Giuseppe” […]
marzo 15, 2011

The traditional pizza from Palermo is called “Sfincione”

Do you know what “sfincione” is? This is the traditional name for our Sicilian pizza. Probably the name derives from the latin spongia, which means sponge, […]
marzo 4, 2011

Sicilian food: origins, history, curiosities

Do you want to know something more about Sicilian food and its history? Today I would like to tell you something about the origins of our […]
marzo 1, 2011

Mezze penne with broad beans and fresh ricotta cheese

Do you know how to cook pasta with fresh broad beans (or fava beans) and fresh sheep ricotta cheese? Here in Sicily we love mixing vegetables […]
febbraio 24, 2011

Sausage in tomato sauce: a Sicilian way to taste sausage

Do you know how to cook Sicilian sausage in tomato sauce? It’s very easy and it will take you about 40 minutes at the most. You will […]
febbraio 22, 2011

Anchovy & orange Salad – The Video of February

Dear readers, today I want to show you how to prepare a delicious unique salad with very few ingredients typical of our territory: oranges, anchovies and […]
febbraio 18, 2011

Cauliflower with black olives cooked in red wine

Do you know how to cook cauliflower in red wine? This side dish smells really good and it is so easy to prepare. For 4 people you […]