maggio 14, 2011

Lemon-flavored artichokes: nice, easy and tasty

Do you know how to cook artichokes with a delicate lemon flavor? A couple of weeks ago I made this delicious side-dish that is perfect for […]
maggio 10, 2011

Red onion and caciocavallo, the Mediterranean pie for vegetarians

  Do you know how to prepare a red onion pie with caciocavallo cheese? Some years ago a lady taught me some very fast but tasty […]
maggio 7, 2011

Liver, a natural way to defeat weakness and exhaustion

Have you ever tried fried cow liver cooked in the “Palermo style”? Well this is it,….. my granny used to say liver was one of the […]
maggio 4, 2011

Sicilian meals: at what time we eat?

Which is the time Sicilians eat? For instance, English people eat quite early, by contrast Spaniards eat very late. We are in the middle. We have lunches […]
aprile 30, 2011

Mamma Carmela’s special Sicilian pesto sauce – The video

  This recipe is really unique. It is called Sicilian pesto sauce but it’s not the famous pesto trapanese (even if ingredients are very similar) and it is obviously not […]
aprile 28, 2011

Fennel and orange salad, the ideal mix after a big meal

Do you know how to prepare fennel and orange salad? In my family we love to prepare this dish for big occasions, not only because it’s […]
aprile 26, 2011

Marsala cream pudding with strawberries, a spring version of Tiramisù

Do you know how to prepare a Marsala cream pudding? I sometimes like to post recipes that are not necessary of the strict regional tradition (we […]
aprile 23, 2011

Marzipan sheep, the symbol of Easter in Sicily

Do you know what “Pecorelle di pasta reale” are? We call it sheep of marzipan, which is made of almond flour, and in our Christian culture […]
aprile 22, 2011

“Pasta ch’ i sardi” one of the most famous Sicilian dishes in the world

Do you know how to prepare the famous Sicilian pasta with sardines? First of all let’s specify that in Sicily we learn that the period for […]
aprile 20, 2011

Colourful bell peppers in sweet and sour sauce

Do you know how to prepare peppers in sweet and sour sauce? As you already may know, the sweet and sour sauce is very common in Sicily. […]
aprile 14, 2011

Brociolone or falsomagro: the Sicilian beef roll for important occasions

Do you know how to cook the traditional Sicilian brociolone? This is an extraordinary dish that Sicilians prepare for important events or festivities because, even if […]
aprile 11, 2011

“Pasta a minestra” and “Pasta asciutta”: what are they?

Do you know what is pasta a minestra? And what about pasta asciutta? As you know, in Sicily, just like in the whole of Italy, we […]