febbraio 18, 2011

Cauliflower with black olives cooked in red wine

Do you know how to cook cauliflower in red wine? This side dish smells really good and it is so easy to prepare. For 4 people you […]
febbraio 16, 2011

Afternoon snack with homemade bread and pistachio cream

Do you know what the pistachio’s cream or spread is? I bet everyone knows how is called the famous Piedmont nuts cream. It’s Nutella of course, […]
febbraio 11, 2011

An introduction to Sicilian rotisserie, every moment is the right moment

Do you know what the so-called “rosticceria siciliana” is? The word rosticceria means rotisserie and in Sicily is a very big deal. We are all crazy […]
febbraio 6, 2011

“Happy birthmonth” to the Sicilian Cuisine blog

Yesterday I went out for dinner with two friends of mine. I wanted to talk to them as I have just lost my job, so the occasion was […]
febbraio 5, 2011

“Frittata con le patate”: the Spanish omelette that looks like a cake

Do you know how Sicilians make their own version of the Spanish omelette with potatoes?   We learnt the recipe of the “frittata con le patate” obviously […]
febbraio 3, 2011

Caserecce with broccoli and red pepper

  Separate broccoli into stem and florets and wash them under running water, then chop them in small pieces. In a pan under a medium heat […]
gennaio 27, 2011

Homemade fig jam and walnuts, the sweetest pie you have ever had

  Do you know how to make a fig jam and walnuts pie? This delicious dessert is not traditional in the way that you find it in […]
gennaio 25, 2011

Music & food: “a Gershwin recipe”, is there something better?

There is something I love as much as food. It’s music! So when the two passions meet one another the world sounds more interesting, even poetic….. […]
gennaio 23, 2011

I like cooking and I like Jamie Oliver

Yesterday I was zapping from a tv channel to another when I found and watched a very interesting show with the talented English chef Jamie Oliver, who […]
gennaio 22, 2011

“Biancomangiare”, the Sicilian white pudding

Do you know how to cook Biancomangiare, the Sicilian white pudding? And why is it called that way? The origin of this delicious dessert is told […]
gennaio 20, 2011

It’s pizza time!

A couple of evenings ago I went out with some friends and we ate in a very nice Pizzeria in Palermo called “Goodness”. I had this pizza […]
gennaio 13, 2011

The tale of the “Caciocavallo all’Argentiera”, the Sicilian fried cheese

Do you know how to cook the Sicilian fried cheese called caciocavallo all’Argentiera? We need only three ingredients to cook this dish, as well as three adjectives […]