gennaio 15, 2014

Sicilian recipe with “broccolo arriminato”: what is that?

Have you ever heard about pasta with “broccolo arriminato”? Any clue on the meaning of the word “arriminato”? It means “stirred” and this traditional Sicilian dish […]
dicembre 14, 2013

Santa Lucia’s Sicilian tradition in London? Yes we can!!!

The traditional cuccìa, Palermo typical dessert on December 13th. I am very happy to share with you the success of my first Sicilian dinner in London […]
novembre 24, 2013

Sicilian food: for some people is “bizarre”

Yesterday I came across this amazing video about Sicilian cuisine. Protagonist is Andrew Zimmern, an American chef visiting Sicily and looking for “Bizarre food”, which is […]
novembre 20, 2013

All you need to know about garlic healthy properties

Some people love it, some other hate it, probably for that terrible breath that leaves on everybody’s mouth when we eat it. I am talking about […]
novembre 14, 2013

A creative Sicilian delivers the entire ‘pizzeria’ at your home!

Yesterday I read a very funny (not to mention amazing) story on a website called Palermoviva. A creative Sicilian pizzaiolo living in the province of Palermo […]
novembre 1, 2013

Colorful Sicilian Marzipan Fruits: history and origin

The so called “frutta di Martorana” (Martorana’s fruits), also known as “pasta reale” (royal pastry) or “marzapane” (marzipan), are typical Sicilian almond sweets that we prepare […]
ottobre 24, 2013

Harim Network: food experience in Jordan with Andrea Alì

 Mediterannean food is conquering the world! It has already started with a great 4 days cooking course held in Ammam, Jordan, with the Italian Chef Andrea […]
ottobre 20, 2013

Cauliflower fritters, another way to eat cauli!

Do you know how to prepare some delicious cauliflower fritters? This dish is great to make children eat this vegetable, as they don’t usually like its […]
ottobre 1, 2013

Sicilian experts: Chef Giuseppe Di Cristina

 We always talk about Sicilian food and recipes but today I am particularly glad to post this interview to a young Sicilian Chef who, because of […]
settembre 8, 2013

Breaded eggplants or as we call them: “melanzane a cotoletta!”

 Do you know how to prepare some amazing breaded aubergines or eggplants? This is a Sicilian recipe that we called “melanzane a cotoletta“. Melanzane means aubergine/eggplant, […]
settembre 1, 2013

The basics of Sicilian Cuisine: the “cotoletta” preparation!

 Hi dear food lovers and blog readers, last week I asked on my facebook page the best way to translate our word “cotoletta” and I […]
agosto 15, 2013

A refreshing Mediterranean iced tea with an exotic twist!

 Have you ever prepared an iced tea that is refreshing and tasty and has an exotic twist as well? That is very easy to do. You […]