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Reviews: “Four Seasons”, the brand new restaurant in Lascari

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in Lascari, a small village near the more famous Cefalù, where there is a new born restaurant called “Four Seasons” that opened last december. Nice colors on the walls, attention to details and a warm and pleasant atmosphere make the customers at ease, but obviously what people will appreciate the most, are the superb and innovative dishes prepared by the young and talented Chef Giuseppe Di Cristina.


Tortino di cavolfiore e patate” (mini-pie with cauliflower and potatoes), “Ravioli alla crema di formaggio” (ravioli with cheese sauce) and an amazing fillet with fresh porcini served on a slice of rustic bread, just to name a few, but I would like to spend two more words on a delicious first dish created by the Chef himself some years ago: “Risotto with green apple and scamorza“, which is a local smoked tasty cheese. Just perfect! 

The desserts were fresh made as well and really enjoyable. (Here on the left the fabulous semifreddo with pistaches and dark melted chocolate on top!)


Another thing that I liked was the menù. Infact being called ‘Four Seasons’ the place has not only a menù with things that may be found all year around but also a second menù according to the current season, created to use the fresh products of the four seasons. And prices are reasonable too!
What else can I say then? It’s new, it’s good, if you pass by, just go there, you will have a great time!

Four Seasons – Ristorante Pizzeria
Via Alcide De Gasperi 15/b,
Lascari (PA)


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