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gennaio 6, 2012
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CheeseArt in Ragusa, for those who love cheese!

Do you know what “CheeseArt” is? CheeseArt is a great event located in Ragusa and organised by the Association Corfilac. It will celebrate the opening of two important places devoted to cheeses. The first is the Cacioteca Regionale Siciliana and the second is a lab called Accademia della terra, where is possible to taste products and have guided tours.

Now, I believe the world  is divided in 2 species: people who love cheeses and people who hate them. I still get a bit disappointed when I come across a person that says: “I don’t like cheeses.” I always wonder: “How is that possible? I love them!!!”

I know I know, it seems very appropriate quoting the famous latin sentence: “de gustibus non disputandum est!” It means that there is no point in discussing about people’s taste because everyone has its own.

Let’s not discuss then, let’s just go to Ragusa for this amazing event and if you are too far to go, have some nice cheese and enjoy it! 😉

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