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febbraio 5, 2011
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febbraio 11, 2011
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“Happy birthmonth” to the Sicilian Cuisine blog

Yesterday I went out for dinner with two friends of mine. I wanted to talk to them as I have just lost my job, so the occasion was a bit sad. Fortunately we laughed a lot and had a lovely dinner in a Trattoria with some typical dishes like the caponata, done in the apples version, which was one of my favourite things. The homemade pasta was also very nice, especially the walnut cream on top.
Then the dessert arrived. It was the very famous “torta Setteveli”, which means seven layers cake. Created in Palermo by the Maestro pastry Chef Cappello has now become very popular during birthdays and parties. So, because today my “baby” is one month old, I thought it would be nice to celebrate it with this post, hoping that the future will be professionally brighter thanks also to this blog.


  1. Keith ha detto:

    Mi piace molto il tuo blog! La torta sembra squisita! 🙂

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Grazie mille Keith, il tuo commento mi fa davvero felice. E complimenti per il tuo perfetto italiano!

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