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gennaio 22, 2011
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gennaio 25, 2011
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I like cooking and I like Jamie Oliver

Yesterday I was zapping from a tv channel to another when I found and watched a very interesting show with the talented English chef Jamie Oliver, who was travelling through Italy on his own. He stopped in a monastery in Farfa, Lazio and stayed a few days with the monks, cooking for them and tutoring them on how to cook fresh ingredients and prepare delicious healthy meals.

He cooked many things: a risotto with zucchini flowers, a soup with lentils, some grilled meat, but what I like the most about Jamie Oliver is not the dish he makes, but the fact that he is so passionate about what he does, you can feel that cooking is such a fondamental part of his life and he is also contagious in this passion, ‘cause he is always smiley and happy to cook for others and to explain what he is preparing.
I really love that!

I think everyone can learn from him not only the simple recipes but his great attitude to work, so… thanks very much Maestro.

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