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An introduction to Sicilian rotisserie, every moment is the right moment

Do you know what the so-called “rosticceria siciliana” is? The word rosticceria means rotisserie and in Sicily is a very big deal. We are all crazy about it!!! :))) 

“My dear fellow-visitors and readers lend me your ears… and eyes…”

Every moment is the right moment to eat a pezzo di rosticceria”. 

We say pezzo or pezzi which literally means “piece/pieces”. For example: a calzone is a piece of rotisserie, as well as the rollò and with the word rotisserie we mean the whole of them.

Everyone likes it and there are NO specific times during the day (or night!) to have a calzone, a pizzetta or an arancina.

The keyword is ALWAYS.

For instance, workers that start very early in the morning may eat some of these pieces at 8 or 9 o’clock as a rich breakfast, to gather more energy, as well as kids at school during break time, more or less at 11 o’clock.

Sicilian rotisserie (except from the famous arancine made of rice), is all made with the same dough, which is the dough we also use for our “brioche” (soft Sicilian buns usually rounded) and for the sweet rotisserie as well, usually eaten for breakfast. 

The most classic pieces are:

– the CALZONE (fried or baked and filled with mozzarella cheese & ham)

– the PIZZETTA (a small pizza but thicker)

– the ROLLO’ (with German sausage)

– the RAVAZZATA (rounded and baked, filled with what we called ragout, also spelled ragù, seasoned minced meat)

– the RIZZUOLA (the same of the ravazzata but fried)

– the ARANCINA or ARANCINO depending which part of Sicily you are (fried rice balls filled with minced meat or cheese & ham – here in the picture on the right).

In Catania you have different style of rotisserie which will be discussed in a different post, the most common are cipollina and Siciliana.

Obviously there are some more types depending on the bars. You may also find the crostino (a fried rectangle filled with bechamel sauce & ham) or different versions of the baked ravazzata filled with bechamel sauce and spinach or mushrooms. And much more!

As we say in Sicily “non ci facciamo mancare mai niente”, meaning we never miss anything especially when it comes to food, so some clever minds many decades ago also created the small version of our rotisserie.

This is called from the French “mignon” which means of course SMALL (picture above) and it’s the reproduction of the already mentioned pieces but in a smaller tinier version.

Needless to say they are still delicious and these are kind of traditional Sicilian finger food, perfect for a cocktail, a children party or a buffet with friends.

Now you know why for us every moment is the right moment to eat rotisserie, from dusk till dawn. Enjoy!



  1. Tiziana ha detto:

    Ciao, da siciliana adoro la rosticceria e sono contenta di essere giunta nella tua cucina virtuale proprio su questo piatto… ti ho cercata e mi sono segnata tra i tuoi sostenitori così non ci si perde di vista ^_*

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Ciao Tiziana, grazie di essere passata, sei stata carinissima. Sono sicura che avremo modo di rimanere in contatto 😉 A prestissimo

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