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Turkey breast in Sicilian oranges sauce, a taste of mildness

Do you know how to cook turkey breast in a lovely and delicious orange sauce?
I don’t think this recipe has its origins in Sicily actually, because you may find it in other parts of Italy as well, but that’s the beauty of our cuisine. Not everything is exclusive, we prepare this dish and we do like it a lot! It has such a delicate taste, it’s delicious and very easy to prepare too.


For 4 people you only need:
– 4 thin turkey breasts
– 00 flour (about 50 gr.)
– some butter (about 125 gr.)
– 1 orange
– salt & pepper
This second dish is so good and literally ready in 15 minutes!
1. Take one turkey breast at a time and dust it with flour on both sides without exaggerating with it. Do it also for the other slices of turkeys.
2. On a high heat put a frying pan and about 30 gr of butter.
3. As soon as the butter is melted place two slices of breast turkey in the pan and let them cooked on both sides until get golden brown.
4. Do the same thing for the remaining turkey without forgetting to put some more butter in the pan before placing the breasts.
5. When your turkey is all cooked, lower the heat and put in the pan all the remainging  butter, a big pinch of salt, the juice and some pulp of an orange and gently whisk with a fork all the ingredients making a sauce. You can also add a spoon of flour 00 to make it a bit thicker.
6. Place the turkey on a serving dish and pour the sauce on top. Serve hot and you will have an amazing orange flavored dish for a pleasant dinner among friends. Enjoy!

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  1. Sicily Gourmet ha detto:

    Sounds absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try it.

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