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dicembre 14, 2012
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gennaio 5, 2013
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Food is all about sharing… especially at Christmas!

 Merry Christmas dear readers! My best wishes to you on this special occasion of the year.


I believe sharing begins at home and I believe the more you share the happier you are. 
I think food is all about sharing, isn’t it?

Otherwise why would we be spending the whole day or the entire previous afternoon to think of a special Menù, prepare amazing dishes, set the table in the most beautiful way, buy lovely presents for everyone? 
Because we want to share our lives with others and that starts with food.

So… here it is my suggestion: have a great Christmas lunch because is one of the most beautiful and touching festivities of the year, but if something goes wrong… like the roast is a bit burnt or the pudding decoration isn’t perfect… that’s fine, keep smiling and just let it go. Have fun, don’t fight with others or with yourself. Everyone will be happy anyway and will appreciate the efforts and the love with which you did all these things.

This should be, I believe, the spirit of Christmas, a family that stays together and that shares food, time, laughs and in the end, only in the end, some presents. Don’t forget it!

Have a Wonderful Christmas Time from… THE SICILIAN CUISINE BLOG!


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