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Olimpic Games 2012 & Sicilian food, all in the heart of London


For those who are in London on the occasion of the Olimpic Games 2012: athletes, visitors or just normal citizens of this amazing city, there is a very interesting appointment that you cannot miss.
Let’s start saying that in the heart of Covent Garden, precisely at Goodwin’s Court, there is a charming Italian restaurant with a Sicilian flair: Giovanni”s. The owner and Chef Pino Ragona is a Sicilian doc, so he cooks both Italian and Sicilian dishes.
In this coming week, 4-11 of August, Goodwin’s Court will change name to become “Benvenuta Italia street”, a place where all the excellence of Italian food and wine will meet in a kind of one-week exhibition. Especially on the 8th of this month Giovanni’s restaurant will celebrate its 60th birthday and chef Ragona has organised a dinner to raise money for the earthquake in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Newspapers and magazines write that at the event there will be important personalities like former Prime Minister Tony Blair and athletes of different sports.
Apparently the restaurant is used to receive important guests of the music field, but also footballer/soccer players and coatches and even Princess Diana went there once. So if you are wandering around London during the Olimpics don’t forget to stop there and have a drink for me. Enjoy!

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