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gennaio 8, 2011
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The Festivity of the Epiphany: the Wisemen, the sweets and the “Befana”

Hello everybody, I have been thinking a great deal about an ipothetical blog about Sicilian Food and I finally decided to give it a try!


And why not starting with the New Year? Do you know what the Epiphany is all about? Today we celebrate the Epiphany and the Three Wisemen bringing presents to Baby Jesus.
Children normally find, as they wake up, one of their socks full of candies and chocolates. Infact, as the tradition wants, the Wisemen, but also the “Befana” (an Old Hag similar to a witch here on the left) gives sweet to the good children and coal to the bad ones.
I remember when I was little, how much I liked that, waking up and rushing to the living room to find my socks full of nice sweet things. Good old days!
So, enjoy the Epiphany, remember the historical moment but also don’t forget to try to be good every single day of the year! :)))

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