settembre 2, 2012

Light summer minestra: “Pasta with tenerumi”

Do you know what “tenerumi” are? And how do we cook them with pasta? Tenerumi which basically means ‘tender’ are the big leaves of the long […]
dicembre 13, 2011

Santa Lucia & the tradition: let’s find out what, when & why

December 13th in Palermo: what’s the story? Do you know why here in Sicily on December the 13th, which is the day of the Sicilian Virgin […]
settembre 30, 2011

Pasta with squash, our summer & fall “minestra”

Do you know how to cook “pasta con la zucchina a minestra“? I already told you about pasta a minestra in general, now we are preparing […]
agosto 16, 2011

“Anelletti al forno”: our scrumptious baked Sicilian pasta

Do you know what “anelletti al forno” are? Here in Sicily we have a typical shape of pasta that is called “Sicilian anelletti” which means little […]
maggio 10, 2011

Red onion and caciocavallo, the Mediterranean pie perfect for vegetarians

Do you know how to prepare a delicious savoury pie with red onion and Sicilian local caciocavallo cheese? Some years ago a lady taught me some […]
marzo 15, 2011

The traditional pizza from Palermo is called “Sfincione”

Do you know what “sfincione” is? This is the traditional name for our Sicilian pizza. Probably the name derives from the latin spongia, which means sponge, […]
febbraio 11, 2011

An introduction to Sicilian rotisserie, every moment is the right moment

Do you know what the so-called “rosticceria siciliana” is? The word rosticceria means rotisserie and in Sicily is a very big deal. We are all crazy […]
febbraio 5, 2011

“Frittata con le patate”: the Spanish omelette that looks like a cake

Do you know how Sicilians make their own version of the Spanish omelette with potatoes?   We learnt the recipe of the “frittata con le patate” obviously […]
gennaio 13, 2011

The tale of the “Caciocavallo all’Argentiera”, the Sicilian fried cheese

Do you know how to cook the Sicilian fried cheese called caciocavallo all’Argentiera? We need only three ingredients to cook this dish, as well as three adjectives […]
gennaio 8, 2011

Spaghetti with dried tuna roe, the famous “Bottarga di tonno”

Do you know what the famous “Bottarga” is? And how do you cook it with pasta? “Bottarga di tonno” is basically the roe of the tuna, […]