marzo 25, 2017

Crazy about Sicilian granita? Go to the “Nivarata” in Acireale

Have you ever tried a Sicilian granita? A granita is a flavored slush but on a completely different level. It’s typical of Eastern Sicily (especially Catania […]
ottobre 30, 2016

All Souls Day and the traditional Sicilian “cannistru ri morti!”

Have you ever heard the Italian expression “canestro dei morti“? And what about the Sicilian “u’ cannistru ri morti“? Maybe from your grandmother or grandfather? The […]
luglio 17, 2016

Fresh peaches in white wine, our summery fruit salads

Have you ever tried this delicate peach salads during the hottest days of the  summer? When I was a teen-ager we used to spend summer in […]
febbraio 6, 2016

Carnival week: try the Sicilian homemade bread fritters!

Do you know how to prepare some bread fritters for Carnival? In my family, especially when we were younger, the Sunday before the famous pancake tuesday […]
novembre 1, 2015

The traditional sweet in Catania for All Souls Day? It’s the “Rame di Napoli!”

Do you know what the ‘Rame di Napoli’ are? Literally the translation means Naples’ copper and they are a dessert prepared for the festivity of All […]
gennaio 25, 2014

Sicilian oranges and almonds combined in a super-light cake

Do you know how to make an exquisite light and orange flavored cake?  Do you ever wonder what to prepare to your kids as afternoon snack […]
novembre 11, 2012

Saint Martin’s day, his cookies and the Moscato wine!

Have you ever heard about the  S. Martin festivity? Well, November the 11th is the day of Saint Martin and in Sicily is usually accompanied by […]
febbraio 21, 2012

The period of Carnival: costumes and sweets galore!

Sicilian Carnival Week The Carnival in Italy is the period of festivity dedicated to the children and it always comes before the Lent, the forty days […]
dicembre 13, 2011

Santa Lucia & the tradition: let’s find out what, when & why

December 13th in Palermo: what’s the story? Do you know why here in Sicily on December the 13th, which is the day of the Sicilian Virgin […]
marzo 28, 2011

Genovesi from Erice, perfect marriage between pastry and cream

Do you know what a genovese is in Sicily? It is a pastry filled either with ricotta cream or a very delicate milky-custard cream. The most […]
gennaio 22, 2011

“Biancomangiare”, the Sicilian white pudding

Do you know how to cook Biancomangiare, the Sicilian white pudding? And why is it called that way? The origin of this delicious dessert is told […]