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Crazy about Sicilian granita? Go to the “Nivarata” in Acireale

Have you ever tried a Sicilian granita? A granita is a flavored slush but on a completely different level. It’s typical of Eastern Sicily (especially Catania and Siracusa) and is tasty,  refreshing and you can choose among dozens of different flavors.

People have it for breakfast or for afternoon snack, or whenever the heat becomes unbearable in Sicily. The most ancient ones are definitely the lemon and the almond one, but you can have coffee, pistachio, mandarine, fig & basil, chocolate and so on… depending on the creativity of the Maestro in charge.

In any case, any flavor you will choose, it has to go with the famous “brioche col tuppo”, which is a soft bun with a small cap on.


For those who are visiting Catania and Acireale at the beginning of June there is an appointment you cannot miss.

It is called the NIVARATA and it’s a Festival of the most exquisite granitas in the world.

If you estimate this amazing product or you just want to try it for the 1st time, this is the event for you!

For all the details and dates you can visit the Official site HERE

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