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Royal Wedding: the cake has got Sicilian lemons!!!

Dear Sicilian foodies,

Could I ever let this event falling behind without notice? Of course not! 😀

The big day has finally arrived:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this morning have tied the knot on a bright and sunny day in Windsor.

Modest and elegant dress with boat neck, beautiful and shining tiara for Meghan;

while Prince Harry looked as handsome as ever in his blue distinctive uniform and ginger beard.

In addition to all these feelings of happiness, love and excitement for this touching day there is also space for pride.The Royal cake baker, Claire Ptak, has in fact announced that the wedding elderflower flavoured cake will be filled with lemon curd made of:authentic Sicilian and Amalfi lemons and she has promised it will incorporate the bright flavours of Spring.

So, yes, the couple is Brit-American, there is a lot of talk about the Commonwealth countries, but … and I repeat but… there is also a bit of space for us Sicilians to feel proud.
Thanks Claire Ptak for choosing products from Southern Italy and all the best to the lovely #harryandmeghan 🙂

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