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Any food lovers looking for a great holiday in Sicily? Read on!

The “Venus Castle” situated on the rock in Erice (Tp).
Are you a crazy foodie that love to try new dishes and new cuisines? Would you like to plan a visit to Sicily to enjoy the sea, the sun and the renowned food? Are you passionate about wine tasting and want to find out more?

I have got the answer to your questions and is called “Enogastronomic Tour”. It’s, hands down, the best deal for those who want to enjoy a typical holiday visiting historical cities without leaving out the passion for food and wine.

In the province of Trapani this tour is organised by the Hotel GranVeliero with a one week vacation in amazing places full of culture and history like Marsala, Palermo, Erice and San Vito Lo Capo with its amazing beaches
One of the most famous Sicilian dishes: sarde a beccafico
You will stay in a comfortable hotel (rooms with bathroom, wi-fi, and breakfast included) and you will learn about the local cuisine and the ingredients, experience the open food market and cook new recipes with a professional Sicilian chef. On the sightseeing side there will be an English guide that will accompany the group during every excursion.
In a nutshell it’s going to be an amazing holiday full of colors, smells, emotions and flavors. Something unforgettable… just like Sicily.

For more details or enquiries drop me an email at


  1. Good post, I am a foodie and always look for something new related to food. This looks good to me, thank you for sharing it with us

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Thanks to you for reading it and passing by.

  3. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Thanks to you for reading it and passing by.

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