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Sicilian mandarine and orange jelly: light and refreshing!

Do you know how to make a lovely perfumed Sicilian mandarine and orange jelly?
This is the easiest thing in the world, it’s delicious and perfect to refresh your mouth especially after having eaten a big meal and it’s the best way to give vitamin C to your kids when they are too lazy to peel an entire orange!
Ingredients and preparation for 4 people:
1/2 liter of fresh mandarine / orange juice
(about 6 mandarines and 8 oranges, but really depends on how big and juicy they are)
2 table spoons of sugar
25 gr. fish glue
You need to obtain 1/2 liter of fresh mandarines and oranges juice, so you have to squeeze them carefully removing the pulp afterwards. If the juice is already mixed to a large quantity of pulp you can use a small colander to strain the juice.

Once you have your half liter, leave it aside for few minutes and in a medium sauce pan put a glass of water at room temperature and the thin sheets of fish glue. This is an eatable substance that looks like a small 
transparent sheet of paper.

When you buy it, is hard, then you leave it 10 minutes in the water and becomes like jelly. 
Once it is so, on a medium heat put your sauce pan with the fish glue that has melted in the water and stir slowly, it will melt completely!
Now it’s the time to add our lovely squeezed juice and keep stirring. When the juice is still liquid but hot (it doesn’t have to reach the boiling phase) we can remove it from the heat and pour it in our bowl and let it cool off, stirring from time to time.
As soon as it’s cold let’s put it into the fridge and leave it there for at least 3 hours. After one hour or so, go and check if the “thing” is actually becoming a real jelly.
Normally it sure does and you can enjoy the freshness and lightness of our Mediterranean fruits. Enjoy!

Ps – Don’t forget that if your oranges are particularly sweet or you just try to avoid sugar as much as possible, you can eliminate it, I prepared it many times without it and the result is still excellent!


  1. Franco Costanza ha detto:

    A dirti la verità non avevo mai provato con i mandarini, mi fa pensare molto al gelo di melone (anguria), ma sono sicuro che è ugualmente buono, comunque ottima idea…ciao

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    la consistenza è effettivamente simile, ma nel gelo c'è l'amido che addensa, qui nooooo!!! Grazie del commento franco 🙂

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