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Have a rest with a “Sicilian granita”

Hi everyone & Welcome back to my blog!

Do you know what is a Sicilian”granita“?

Granita is something very typical from Sicily (especially eastern side) and is basically what you probably call a shaved ice, a slush, or similar. Made with fruits or nuts, sugar and grinder ice is nice, cool and refreshing, perfect when the sun is hot and you want to have a rest.

In the southern part of Sicily the granita is particularly good and they prepare it with so many different flavors: pistachios, figs, coffee, watermelon, mint, ecc… besides the most classic one that is made with Sicilian lemon.


In Messina though a traditional one is called the MEZZA, and it’s with coffee and whipped cream on top.


Perfect for your summer breakfast, accompanied with the other Sicilian delicious MUST: the super soft brioche!

Everyone is on holiday right now so I want to wish you all Happy Ferragosto!



(Ferragosto is our Summer National Holiday on August 15th).

Drink lots of water, eat well and enjoy your Summer vacation wherever you are!


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  1. Anonymous ha detto:

    lovely article, thank you.

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    thank you so much 🙂

  3. Murissa Maurice ha detto:

    Share a recipe! I would love to try and make a watermelon and mint granita!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  4. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Sorry to disappoint you but I don't have the recipe, especially because it comes from a different part of Sicily. Be sure that if I had it I would definetely share it. In any case I'll see what I can do!

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