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Sweet and sour fried red pumpkin

Do you know how to cook sweet and sour fried pumpkin? This is a delicious colourful side dish perfect to be served with either meat or fish, and we call it in Italian: "zucca rossa in agrodolce".
 For this recipe you will need: 400 gr. red pumpkin - olive oil - 2 cloves of garlic - 1/2 cup red wine vinegar - 1/3 cup sugar - salt - dried mint

Cut the rinds of the pumpkin removing all the seeds. Cut the pumpkin in slices wide more or less 1/2 cm.

In a frying pan, drizzle the olive oil on a medium heat with the cloves of garlic. Then place the slices of pumpkin in the pan and let them fry on both sides until golden. 

Once they are ready drizzle the vinegar with a spoon of sugar, stir well and in the end add some salt.
Transfer the pumpkin on a dish, drizzle on top the juice from the pan and finally add some dried mint. You will have a lovely perfumed side dish. In alternative if you want a low calorie version you put the pumpkin in the oven, on a baking tin, just like in the picture and cook them until they become slightly brown.
Finally prepare the juice as explained above. It will still be very tasty and rich, but less fat. Enjoy!

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