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Palermo is the Capital of the Italian Culture for 2018

Dear friends,

I am so proud to announce that Palermo two days ago has been nominated by the Mibact Commission <<Capital of Italian Culture for 2018>> and I personally want to celebrate this victory sharing this beautiful video created by Giovanni Santamarina and posted by Vivendo Palermo.

How to describe Palermo? 

Palermo makes your heart beating fast, because is a contagious mix of feelings.

It’s joy and chaos, it’s breathtaking monuments, dirty streets, millenium of history, people shouting for no reason, the Festino on the 14th of July, the smell of pane e panelle, the sun that burns your skin, the opera dei pupi, the Phonicians footsteps, the car left in the middle of the street, the Marzipan fruits on the 1st of november, a sketch of Ficarra & Picone, a refreshing glass of acqua e anice, the sculptures of Serpotta, the blood shed from our heros, the sea that cools you down when the scirocco is blowing from Africa, and it’s more people shouting for a lot of valid reasons.

For these things and for a thousand more there is no other place like Palermo.
Palermo is light and darkness, it’s silence and noise, it’s legality and crime, it’s welcome and exclusion, it’s a bay and a mountain, it’s love and hate, it’s culture and ignorance, it’s honesty and corruption, it’s laugh and cry, it’s humanity and inhumanity, it’s life and death.

It’s a sweet slice of cassata with a bitter black expresso. It’s everything and beyond.

There is no such thing as a good or a bad description of something so incredibly complex and difficult and so extraordinary at the same time. Palermo is an unspeakable beauty with thousands of different souls and colors, and after you visit it you will never be the same, because it will simply take your breath away.

It will stay in your eyes, find a place in your heart
and never leave you.

Proud that my city has got such a rewarding recognition and I do hope is gonna be used in the best possible way!


And you? How would you describe Palermo?

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