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Pasta with borages, healthy and comfort food at the same time

Have you ever heard of borage vegetables? This veg, whose original name is borago officinalis, grows spontaneously here in some spots of Sicily in the winter season, and although is “green stuff” (as my mom used to call all the healthy green vegs), is so sweet in taste that everyone loves it, even children! For me it’s so exquisite you can actually consider it some kind of comfort food! And what really makes it so special is the fact that is simple and so tasty in itself. You just need to add a couple of things and is done!

How do we eat it? On top of ‘pasta asciutta‘ of course!!! :-))

Ingredients & Preparation for 4 people:
– 400 gr. spaghetti
– 2-3 bunches of borages
– 1 clove of garlic
– e.v. olive oil
– salt & pepper
– chilli pepper (either fresh or powder)
– grated pecorino cheese or caciocavallo

Let’s start with removing the bad leaves from the bunches and with cutting the end of their stems. While doing this, be careful and use gloves, because the borages have little thorns on their stems. After, rinse the vegs and cut it in pieces. 

Put a pot for the spaghetti on a medium heat, as soon as the water is boiling add salt as you would do for the pasta, then put the borages in and let them cook for at least 20-25 minutes. When they are cooked use a slotted rounded spoon to drain the excess of water and place them directly in a frying or sauce pan.
Never ever get rid of the water you boiled borages in, as you will use it for the pasta as well. That’s because the vegs have released all the properties in the water, so the pasta cooked there will absorb them and it will get a darker colour too!

At this point you have two things: the pot with the water where you are going to drop the pasta and the sauce pan with the drained borages.
While pasta is cooking
in the pot (and remember not to add any more salt as you already salted it before), add a drizzle of e.v. olive oil, a clove of garlic and two pieces of chilli red pepper in the pan with the borages and leave it cooking for 10 minutes on a low heat. (pic here on the right)

Also some chilli powder is good if you don’t have the fresh one. Now the season for your pasta is ready. Cover it up with a lid while you drain your spaghetti. Prepare your plate and add the borage on top.

Best served hot with some grated pecorino cheese or local caciocavallo cheese to give it that stronger twist. That is so tasty and so healthy, and is a dish that everyone can eat! 

You will love it so much that you won’t be able to wait for another whole year to have it again. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous ha detto:

    Lovely! I'm going to try this as we have plenty of borage growing in my garden here in London. 🙂 Rikke

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Thank you so much for leaving this comment on my blog. I am so envious you have plenty of borage in your garden. I wish I could find them as well. Enjoy this recipe!

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