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My first reci-view is “Swordfish Palermo style” with film director Egidio Termine

Dear Friends and Foodies,

the Sicilian Cuisine Blog is very excited to introduce our first video recipe/interview.

For those of you who love Sicilian food, movies, but also miss the sound of some proper Italian language, well… this is the video for you!

My guest is a superb actor and film director: Egidio Termine!

Together with him, I am preparing a very traditional recipe called: “Pescespada alla palermitana“, which means: “Swordfish in Palermo style.”

In this interview Egidio talks about his childhood memories, which amazing celebrities he worked with and last but not least his brand new movie: “Il figlio sospeso” (The unsure child), who will compete at the Taormina Film Festival, this coming summer.

I definetely want to thank Egidio Termine for being such a lovely guest for us and I wish him all the best and success with the new movie and the Festival.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and have a good laugh in watching it, as I did in making it!!!

Also a huge THANK YOU to Patrizia Laria for shooting and editing the video.

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