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Sicilian filled artichokes cooked in tomato sauce

Do you know how to cook artichokes in tomato sauce with the typical Sicilian filling? In Sicily we cook artichokes in several ways. This recipe is one of the most traditional. You can follow it here step by step.


You will need: 5 artichokes – 8 tbs breadcrumbs – raisins and pine nuts – 1 egg – tomato sauce – e.v. olive oil – half lemon

1. Take an artichoke at a time and remove the external and rough leaves using a sharp knife. Continue until you have only thinner and softer leaves. Cut also the stem. In a sink full of cold water squeeze the juice of half a lemon and leave there the lemon as well. When you have finished with the knife leave the artichokes to soak about half an hour.

2. While artichokes are in water, in a bowl or plate, prepare the filling with breadcrumbs, rainsins and pine nuts. Add a drizzle of olive oil and mix all together.

3. Take out the artichokes from water, then start filling them with the mix using a spoon.

4. When they are all filled with the mix, whisk an egg in the same plate and pour it on top of every artichoke just 
like shown in the picture on the right. 

5. It is now time to put a frying pan on a high heat. After few minutes turn the artichokes upside down for one minute to cook the egg, until becomes, as we say, like “a cork of bottle“.

6. Now in a pan on a medium heat prepare the tomato sauce, adding as usual some salt, sugar, cinnamon and olive oil. When the tomato sauce is hot, lower the heat and put the artichokes inside the pan.
Let them cook there for about half an hour with a lit, checking every now and then with a fork, until they are soft and well cooked.

8. When ready, transfer them on a plate and serve them with some slices of rustic bread. It will be a lovely side dish for your dinner, but very filling too. Enjoy!



  1. AnitaBook ha detto:

    Accipicchia, che bontà!

  2. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Thank you darling 😀

  3. PinkAcorn ha detto:

    Wow, I like the egg cap! I'll have to try this one. Thanks.

  4. Georgia C. ha detto:

    Very easy… good luck!

  5. Anonymous ha detto:

    You can also cut the artichokes in half and fill the sides instead.

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