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The Giarratana onion: perfect for stuffing and roasting

Have you ever heard of the famous onion
of Giarratana? It is a particular quality of Sicilian onion that grows in this little village situated in the province of Ragusa, southern Sicily.

Quite big in shape, it has a skin with white and pinkish grades and it has a very sweet delicate flavor. 

It is the main agricultural product in the village of Giarratana and every August there is a festival that celebrates it.

It can be cooked in several ways, but this Sicilian recipe I am gonna present you today is definitely my absolute favorite side-dish and we often preparate for one of the main festivities, although is extremely simple and you really need few ingredients.

Ingredients and Preparation for 4 people:

– 2 big Giarratana onions
– breadcrumb

– E.v. Olive oil
– salt 

– origano 


Preheat the oven at 200°. As easy as it looks, now all you have to do is peeling the onions and cut them in slices like shown here in the pics. 
Place them in two large oven trays where you previously have put some baking paper (or if you have the silicon sheet even better) and some oil of olive on top. 

Once you have place the onions, add some breadcrumb, salt and again olive oil and cook them in the oven at 190 or 200 degrees.
When they are ready they have to be golden brown in color and very soft in consistency inside, but also slightly crunchy outside.

Now you sprinkle some oregano on top and transfer them on a serving plate, ready to be eaten. 

Everyone will love them, and the kids will start eat them with pleasure. They are just marvellous. Enjoy!


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