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The Sicilian barbecue: sasizza, stigghiole and carne di crasto

Typical Sicilian barbecue – thanks to Barbara for the pic.


Have you ever heard of the Sicilian word “arrostuta”? And what about the Italian translation “grigliata”? These are normally the names we use in Sicily when we are preparing a barbecue.


Spring is always welcome because the temperature increases, the sun is out, but also every year we have 2 bank holidays in Italy: the 25th of April (the Liberation of the nation from the Fascists) and the 1st of May (the day dedicated to the workers).


These are normally days you spend with friends in which we organised a one day trip out of the city either to the seaside or in the country side, as in Sicily we have plenty of choices regarding where to spend the day.
Whichever place you decide to go to, there is always one thing that normally is associated with that day and that is called, as I was saying,: barbecue or “arrostuta”!!! 😀

You need the “sasizza con finocchietto”, the typical Sicilian sausage wheel seasoned with fennel seeds, the “carne di crasto” which is meat from the mutton, tender and tasty and finally the stiggliole.

The “stigghiole” in particular are a traditional dish of our street food, part of our poor cuisine. It is not rare to find a “stigghiularo” (the person who grill and sell the stigghiole) in a corner of a street. Let’s say that wherever there is smoke there is probably a stigghiolaro nearby. (See the pic here on the right).

Stigghiole are lambs or goats’ intestines normally wrapped around a long leek. We eat them hot from the barbie, seasoned only with salt and lemon. There is no neutral zone here, either you love them or hate them.

Thanks to Mariarita for this pic.

You can obviously add any other meats and vegetables you love: ribs, steaks, our wonderful involtini (beef rolls, see the Messina style ones here) and of course onions, eggplants, bell peppers, ecc…

Finally one very traditional thing is to grill the artichokes at the very end of the fire and although everyone is incredibly full there is always a little space in the stomach for slowly tasting the artichokes one leaf after another.

So if you happened to be in Sicily in one of those days don’t be afraid of the smoke you see coming your way, it’s probably only a bunch of friends having a barbecue. 🙂

*A special thanks to my 2 friends Barbara & MariaRita for letting me use their pictures.


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