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ottobre 30, 2016
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Comics & food, from Boston to Palermo with Phil Amara

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to meet an American teacher and former comics editor with Sicilian roots, who is also author of a children’s book entitled “The treehouse heroes and the forgotten beast”. His name is Phil Amara, who visited the Sicilian capital for the first time and immediately felt a connection, like it was “HOME“, he told me.

The occasion was the 2nd edition of the Comic Con, where he was invited as an expert, having worked in the past in the competitive field of Comics editing. 

In the video we discuss a bit of everything: Boston and Sicily, Comics and food, and also, we took Phil to try one of the most renowned food of the island: the rosticceria (arancine and calzoni), followed by the Sicilian granita!

It was a really fun night, so I wanna thank Phil for this opportunity and for being so nice and friendly. And… for all the viewers out there, I hope you take 5 minutes of your time and enjoy the video!

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